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Homogenizators 300

Homogenizators 300


It can be widely used in dispersing various kinds of materials. It can also apply to the biology and medical research for skin tissue, cells and so on. Fibers, papers, cloth, cosmetic, dye and ink can be applied. Water and oil mixing and emulsifying.


  • Motor: DC 250W
  • Speed(rpm): 26,000
  • Weight(kg): 1.8
  • Size(mm): W200xD315xH500


  • 250 watt high torque motor with variable speed adjustment.
  • Various container can be used.
  • Operating capacity: 0.3ml~3L with the same drive.
  • Different type of dispersing tools for choice.
  • The impeller can be separated completely and it is easy to clean and be sterilized.