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PP Barrel pump

PP Barrel pump


robust industrial quality

Polypropylene Barrels pumps allow the rapid and economical transfer of liquids from barrels, canisters, tanks. The good chemical resistance of PP allows acids, alkalis and aggressive detergents to be transferred. Please take into account the information about chemical resistance. The low-mounted non-return valve ensures good removal of residual liquid. Two versions of the barrel pump are available: with rigid discharge tube or with flexible PVC discharge hose, length 1,25 m with stopcock.

  • Immersion tube 32 mm dia.
  • Pump capacity up to approx. 12 l/min
  • For barrels and tanks from 60 – 1000 liters
  • The barrel screw joints allow the pumps to be safely attached to the container.

The immersion depth can be steplessly adjusted.this ensures good removal of residual liquid.


  • Диапазон: от 1 до 13 рН.
  • Диаметр: 12 мм.
  • Длина: 157 мм.
  • Длина кабеля: 2 м.