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ETI 7800

ETI 7800


ETI 7800 Timber Moisture Meter (HumidCheck)  for wood and building materials.

The 7800 timber moisture meter instantly indicates the moisture content of wood and other hygroscopic building materials, i.e. concrete flooring, walls, brickwork etc.


  • The timber moisture meter indicates moisture content over the range of:
    wood scale: measuring range 6-44% ±1%
    building material: measuring range 0,2…2% ±0,05%
  • Measuring principle: electrical resistance
  • Electrode length: 11 mm
  • Power supply: 3 x CR2032
  • Housing: impact-proof plastic
  • Dimensions: 130x40x21mm, Weight:100g
  • To maximize battery life the unit auto powers off after 15 minutes.